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Here are 5 ways to increase your ticket sales

Here are 5 ways to increase your ticket sales

Here are 5 ways to increase your ticket sales

Selling tickets is a form of art. There are numerous factors that go into buying and selling of tickets. Event planners know the implication of ticket sales on their guests. One of the best ways to ask your customers to buy your tickets is by leveling the price they are willing to pay. But how would you reach to that magical ticket price? Certainly, one size fits all approach isn’t the best way to increase ticket sales. With a couple of modifications, event planners may be able to maximize the sale of their tickets. One of the sure shot ways to increase ticket sales is by having multiple ticket types. Let’s see how this can work for your events.

Why do multiple ticket types work for events?

Offering multiple ticket types appears to be a better deal and make tickets looks cheaper. It reinforces the advantages of value-based pricing. Even though most ticket types can be clubbed into four categories, the ticket types completely depend on how you plan to sell them for your event. The four major categories of ticket types are:

  •  Regular: A standard ticket that gives registrants an admission to your events.
  •  Special Access: A ticket type that offers something extra at a token price. Example: VIP tickets or a backstage pass.
  • Targeted Discounts: Discounts offered to groups that have a membership. For instance: student discounts.
  • Group Discounts: Discounts on bulk purchase. For instance, 10% off on purchase of 3 tickets.

Create ticket types that add value to what your attendees are looking for. Your attendees should feel that your events are a value for money no matter how big or small. Here are a few ways you can use to increase your ticket sales.

Session Entry

If your events have different sessions, create different event tickets based on different sessions. This will allow people attending just one session to justify their purchase.

 Reserved Seating

Use reserved seating options to sell tickets if there are a limited number of seats available at your events.

 Bundled consumables

Club the event ticket with food and other consumables offered during the event. This works really well for food & drink festivals.

 Artist-focused extras

This works well for events where guests come to see an artist or a celebrity.

 Membership discount

Creating a membership discount can add a great value to your organization.

How to make all this profitable?

While your aim is to create higher value for prospects, it does not mean that the extra sales are breaking even with the additional cost. The best way to sell more tickets is by communicating a lower perceived value in such a way that lowers your costs too.

Hope these tips can help you increase your ticket sales without affecting your sales margin. If we’ve missed something in the blog, or you’d like to know more, then let us know in the comments section below.

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