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7 Reasons To Use An Online Event Management Tool At Your Next Event

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7 Reasons To Use An Online Event Management Tool At Your Next Event

If you are thinking of hosting an event, then you probably know it will be an uphill task. With pressure to meet deadlines and remain within the shrinking budgets, event planning is definitely a stressful job and you wish you had more than just 24 hours in a day! However, this can completely change if you opt for an online event management tool, which not only makes you look professional but also allows you to manage your time more effectively.

Here are our top 7 reasons why you should ditch the old-age system of using papers for planning events and embrace the power of an online event management tool.

1.    Makes you look professional

An online event management tool makes you an event superstar and helps you focus on things that matter the most. It easily creates online invitations and registration pages and forms, all while you are busy finalizing the venue and other logistics. All these assets can be created according to your brand guidelines to maintain the same look and feel your customers and prospects are used to seeing.

2.   Increases attendance

When you purchase online event management tool, you can not only promote your event via email but also incorporate social media into the promotional plan. Social media is the most cost-effective way (after email marketing) to extend your event beyond your guest list. Broadcast your event on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and run contests to create a houseful event.

3.   Centralized information center

An online event management tool is your centralized data center which can be accessed by both the sales and marketing team for effective event planning and follow up. Generally, the event management tool is integrated with leading CRM so that information updated in one place is automatically updated in the CRM. This results in an increase in efficiency and productivity and a reduction in manual errors that creep in while entering data into a system.

4.   Boosts Event ROI

Event management tool is the best way to boost event ROI. In an age where event organizers face the nagging question of proving event ROI, an online event management tool is of a great help. It saves a ton of cost spent on printing invitations and posting them. Not to forget, the endless revisions that happen and the lurking unforeseen typos that double the printing costs at times. With online event management software, you can reduce those errors and send invites to hundreds of thousands of people in your guest list. Online promotion is also nearly free too, as social media can easily spread the word.

5.   Securely Collect payments and donations

Most online event management software use encryption to protect sensitive data related to bank/credit card details. With an online event management tool, you don’t have to fret about collecting cash, depositing checks, or even keeping track of credit card information. Most of the other online event management tool is PCI compliant so that you can easily transact registration/event fee or donations.

6.   Can collect registrations anytime

An event management tool gives your attendees the flexibility to register themselves anytime, at their own convenience. This saves a ton of your time and ensures that you can still collect registration even if you are not at your system. The tool makes your life and your attendees’ lives easy. It is a win-win situation for both! Some event registration software also allows attendees to see who else is coming, giving them an incentive or a reason to be at your event.

7.   Measure event success

One of the biggest pain points of event organizers is measuring the success of events. With manual processes, this is particularly difficult since you don’t have substantial data to draw a conclusion. On the contrary, an event management tool allows you to see critical information in real-time like the number of registered attendees, no-shows at events, favorite sessions at the event, etc. These insights help you further improve your events and provide a great attendee experience. With online event management tool, you can analyze event success metrics and make sure you provide an even better attendee experience so that your guests keep coming back for more!

The bottom line

An online event management tool is a great way to reduce the labor-intensive demands of event planning. It automates most of the manual work so that you can focus on event engagement and your attendees. Switch to online event management tool to save money and time, and still be an event champ in front of your audience. It will definitely create memorable events and make your attendees happier.

source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/7-reasons-use-online-event-management-tool-your-next-mikkilineni/

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