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9 Ways To Capture Leads At Trade Shows

9 Ways To Capture Leads At Trade Showsws

9 Ways To Capture Leads At Trade Shows

A trade show can be a gold mine for obtaining the contact information of qualified leads to build your business network. People have to know who you are, what you have to offer and be convinced that you are a credible resource who will respect their privacy before they’ll be willing to part with their contact information.

Apply these strategies at your next trade show to increase your potential for quality lead generation.


1. Strategically Design Your Booth

A common oversight in booth design is to place a table across the entrance of the booth and fill it with brochures, cards, and other handouts. Attendees walk past the table, pick-up the information, but keep moving. These are lost opportunities to engage attendees and learn who they are. Arrange your show booth so that it invites attendees to come inside. Entice them to stay awhile with interesting things to see or learn that are relevant to their needs.

2. No Chairs, No Phones

Booth staff sitting in chairs or talking on cell phones give the impression that they are too bored or busy to bother. Attendees who see you on your cell phone may be genuinely interested in your product or service but will not interrupt your conversation and may not wait around for you to get off the phone. They walk away and chances are they will not come back. Be sure your booth staffers are energetic, enthusiastic, and available to meet and greet people one-on-one to collect contact information.

3. Gamify Your Event

Attendees are likely to be more willing to give up their contact information if you gamify your event and show them a good time. Entertain them with a fun game and a chance to win a valuable prize. Prizes can range from things like a free trial of your product or service, tickets to an upcoming event to technology items like an iPad®/tablet, or an expenses-paid trip to an exotic vacation spot. The more valuable the prize, the more likely you are to collect participants’ contact information.

4. Badges and Cards

Scan attendees’ badges or collect business cards to create a record of people you meet that are interested in your product or service. Be sure to follow-up with them individually as soon as possible. Make notes about what you discussed so that you’ll have conversation openers to use when you contact them.

5. Meet Other Vendors

Talk to and exchange information with other vendors at the trade show who may have needs your business can fulfill and vice versa. These vendors can also be a good resource for referrals to additional business contacts and information about other trade shows where you can generate more leads.

6. Information Sharing

Presenting information of value at your trade show booth will demonstrate your credibility and expertise in your field. Engage attendees by holding interactive sessions, such as an hourly presentation series or a question-and-answer session, to make a memorable impact.

7. Cool Giveaways

People love swag. Free giveaways are an excellent enticement to get people to stop at your booth. Make sure your promotional items are on-trend and of value so participants will want to share their contact information to get your giveaway. Choose a quality pen, coffee cup, t-shirt, or other promotional items, but make sure the items are branded with your logo and business contact information.

8. Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are unique web pages designed to collect contact information. Design a squeeze page to ask attendees to register for a prize by providing their contact information.

9. Get Creative with Google Communities

Google offers some creative ways to build online communication networks. Here is an overview of Google applications. Encourage show attendees to interact on social media during the show. Offer incentives for attendees who Tweet, Like, and share their photos and videos of the event, specifically at your booth.

Be assertive about stepping up, shaking hands, and introducing yourself. Talk to people! Find out what needs they have that your business can fulfill and take a proactive role in generating leads!

What methods have you found to be effective for collecting contact information at trade shows and other events? Share your tips below!

Source: https://www.marcopromos.com/info/14-fantastic-ways-to-collect-contact-info-at-trade-shows

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