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Benefits of Business Matchmaking Apps

Benefits of Business Matchmaking Apps at Events

Benefits of Business Matchmaking Apps

Business matchmaking is an intelligent way to keep buyers and sellers happy and usually works through a mobile app. It is a cloud-based app that connects the buyer with sellers and attendees with sponsors/exhibitors, depending upon the type of event. So what does this means for the participants and event planner organizing the event? It means that these apps provide a sure shot way to generate more quality leads and create memorable events.

Business matchmaking apps are usually offered as a value-added opportunity to connect in a pre-scheduled one-on-one meeting during the events. These events are generally hosted by a non-profit organization or educational institute aiming to introduce small businesses with major corporations and government agencies. Let us look at the top benefits of using business matchmaking apps at events.

Improve event experience

Using matchmaking apps can enhance the overall event experience by helping participants meet the right people and allowing them to prepare and connect even before the event starts. This, in return, improves the engagement rate, attendance, and the satisfaction score of the event.

Increase networking

As the name suggests, matchmaking apps promote networking at events and are often considered the focal point to improve the business relationship between buyer/seller or exhibitors/attendees.

Saves time

Time is money and who knows this better than an event planner! To help save your participants’ time, use matchmaking technology that promotes focused networking. It saves valuable time that is often spent on finding the right leads or solution providers.

Generates quality leads

Enable your event participants to generate quality leads by connecting with the relevant group of people. Highly targeted matchmaking apps help sponsors/exhibitors/sellers to increase revenue and focus on quality over quantity.

Create personalized event experience

Business matchmaking apps are different from regular event apps in the sense that it allows your participants to create personalized meeting schedules and messages for a more strategic networking approach. It offers customized experiences like no other technology in the meeting and events industry.

Offers insights for effective follow-ups

Matchmaking apps provide critical real-time event data needed to plan successful events. It allows you to see which booth had the highest footfall. It also helps to understand attendees’ preferences. As for the sellers and exhibitors, they can effectively follow-up with the buyers and attendees by taking notes of their conversation during the event. The follow-up can happen almost real-time to increase the brand recall value!

Makes participants efficient

By seamlessly integrating with your participants’ CRM, business matchmaking technology makes users efficient and more productive. Now say goodbye to collecting business cards in a fishbowl and manual interventions by using technology for a smooth flow of data between different systems.

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