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Mobile event apps are one of the most versatile and fastest growing areas of the events and meetings industry. As smartphone technology continues to improve further and event organizers relentlessly looking for ways to boost their event ROI and create more engaging events, mobile apps have become a buzz word in the industry. Mobile event apps are a useful tool that enhances event management or networking between attendees at the event.

According to statistics, 86% of event attendees rate an event app as a top three aspect that made their time at an event more enjoyable. And this fact has not gone unnoticed by event planners around the world, with 88% of event professionals believing that using an event app had a positive impact on attendee satisfaction, a key metric. These statistical findings indicate that not only are event planners embracing mobile event apps, but even attendees expect to engage with a mobile app even before they attend the event. Here are some of the other reasons why event organizers around the world should use the mobile event app:

Mobile event apps provide continuous engagement

 Having a mobile event app for your event is a fantastic way to connect with your registrants before, during and even after the event. It provides an opportunity to stay connected and build an ever-lasting relationship. In fact, 62% of planners say that the number one benefit of switching to a mobile app is the ability to instantly message attendees.

Boost your brand

Mobile apps are a great way to boost your brand. It gives your organization to be in front of the target audience at every interaction they have with the app. Mobile branding offers an opportunity to help your customers understand your company’s core value and create an everlasting impression. With perfect user experience, you can build credibility and trust with your users in no time!

Collect feedback and vital data

Valuable data such as your attendees’ behavior and feedback can be collected with the help of a mobile event app. It is a fast, efficient and an effective way to garner and consolidate feedback. You can use all this vital information to optimize your future events as well as understand your customers’ behaviors and areas of improvement.

Save costs

With event planners around the world looking for ways to boost ROI and save costs, a mobile app can be a great resource. 91% of event planners say that adopting a mobile event app has provided a positive ROI. You can very easily save money, time or other valuable sources by using mobile apps to share maps, event agendas, speakers’ profiles and directories.  An event mobile app provides timely and clear information to your guests and saves tons of paper, with 82% of event professionals claiming to have reduced or removed paper printing by switching to a mobile event apps.

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