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Tips To Boost Exhibitor ROI Before During And After The Event

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Tips To Boost Exhibitor ROI Before During And After The Event

Enabling your exhibitors to maximize their return on their investment (ROI) is just as important as delivering a fabulous attendee experience. A poor ROI for exhibitors means they won’t come back again. Without them, you’ll lose a major amount of your event revenue and you’ll need to find their replacement (which is not easy).

One of the simplest ways to allow exhibitors to enhance ROI is by employing technology that makes interaction easier, visibility better, and creates more meaningful connections. After all, a rise in traffic to the booth means nothing if the visitor is not ideal.

How to use technology to maximize exhibitor ROI?

An event always comprises three stages: pre, during and post-event. Two out of the three stages (pre and post) are often undermined; therefore, I’ve decided to break this blog into three parts so you know what needs to be done at each stage of your event.


This stage generally involves the booth design and travel plan of your exhibitor. During this stage, your exhibitors are also busy in marketing their customers and prospects about where they’ll be at the event. You can help them achieve this by using a central area in the cloud to share marketing material like:

  •         Event logos and signatures
  •         Web banners
  •         Exhibitor badge for their website
  •         Sample promotional content
  •         Email invites, etc.

Booth Selection

Booth selection and location is also vital for ROI. Make booth selection easier by using an event management technology that can enable your exhibitors to select the space online in real-time.

Exhibitors ROI meetings

Ask your exhibitors to invite customers and future customers to meet them at your event. Provide exhibitors event technology that can help them find leads and provide business matchmaking. Eventdex’s MatchLeads and BoothLeads are technologies that you can consider.

During Event

Networking is the most important aspect for an exhibitor during the event. It is the stepping stone towards sales, and with the help of technology, you can help your exhibitors’ fuel their sales pipeline.

Electronic Exchanges

Exchanging business cards can be cumbersome. You can’t expect your exhibitors to carry all the business cards to their home or office once the event is over. Instead, invest in a technology that enables some form of electronic exchange of information. Look for an electronic badge scanners with CRM capabilities for seamless information exchange.

Matchmaking App

Using matchmaking apps like MatchLeads can make networking easier and more fun for your event participants. It will help exhibitors connect with attendees who are the right fit for their business. They can either schedule a one-on-one or a group meeting based on their needs.


To drive more traffic to your exhibitor’s booth, opt for an event mobile app that offers gamification. Having games like a passport contest or a scavenger hunt app not only promotes networking but also boost team spirit and collaboration. You need to incentivize your attendees to visit your exhibitors.

Post Event

After the event is over, it’s time to gather the leads collected and hand them to admin or enter the details into a CMS. After that, what happens? Following up on those leads is equally important as creating new leads. Provide tech solutions to your exhibitors to help them stay in touch with your attendees.


Giving exhibitors a tool to stay in touch with your attendees can really add a lot of value. The more you stay in touch with them after the event, the more likely they’ll remember you and return to your event. Therefore, create a couple of content pieces for them and nurture them. You can send “thank you” or “missed you” emails as the first follow-up communication.

Online Community

Create an online community to keep the conversation rolling even after the event is over. However, don’t make it heavy on sales. Creating a community will help your attendees have meaningful conversations and keep the memories of your event alive.

In Conclusion

Event technology is a great way to help your exhibitors streamline their tasks and foster more connections. When paired with data and matchmaking tools, it can maximize and realize opportunities that they didn’t even know existed. By bringing value to your exhibitor’s experience, you can make a lasting impression on them and your attendees.

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