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What is an event check-in app and its benefits?

Event Check-in app

What is an event check-in app and its benefits?

Clipboards, abandoned paper chits, spare name badges, highlighters, and pens lying on the registration desk is a common site at events. As your attendees check into the event, the on-site pandemonium doesn’t end. The logistical nightmare of collecting event data for post-event analysis is equally, if not more, challenging than checking people into the event. There definitely has to be a better way to manage events on-site.

Enters Eventdex event check-in app is a robust attendee management software that helps you streamline check-in process and provide a smarter event experience with badge printing and scanning.


Attendee Management

Whether it is a small event or large multi-day conferences, attendee management feature of Eventdex event check-in app ensures event planners make the check-in experience as swift as a breeze. With our partnership with Brother Printer and Socket Scanner, it is easy to scan badges or tickets, and with a single swipe, check multiple tickets. It allows users to search by name, email or company name for a faster !

Sell Tickets Onsite

Last minute surprises are not new for event planners, especially when it comes to walk-ins. While it definitely creates full-house events, it also adds on the pressure of providing consistent event experiences to everyone. For this and a lot more, Eventdex event check-in app superpower allows you to instantly add tickets, sell them onsite, print and email receipts with almost a negligible fee. The tool also empowers you to add taxes and accept ticket payments from several options.

Collect Fee Seamlessly   

Eventdex event check-in app boasts features that allow event planners to collect ticket fee with a single swipe. Our fast, reliable, and secure check-in app is integrated with Stripe and PayPal accounts to speed up payments and have cashless transactions at events. You can also initiate a refund for your attendees, ensuring everyone has a smooth onsite experience.

Access Attendee Information

Another key feature of Eventdex event check-in app is the import and export of attendee data in real-time from Dropbox through CSV file. With attendee data extracted, you can see easily pass it on to your sales team for effective follow-ups and close more deals in a short span of time, or add the data to your email marketing lists. Event organizers can also add attendees manually, in case there are last-minute changes and filter data accordingly.

Scan QR Code

Checking in attendees using a QR code is the easiest and the fastest way to get people through the door. Eventdex event check-in app uses external Socket Mobile scanner to scan QR codes placed on receipts, badges or tickets. With QR codes, you can eliminate duplication of guest profiles and focus on other key aspects of the event that may require your attention. As attendee enter the event, their data is sync back to the system so that you don’t get stuck with manual work and have an efficient reporting system

Print Badges Onsite

Print customized badges attuned to your brand’s style or choose from multiple badge templates containing session information. Eventdex event check-in is integrated with Brother Printer so that you can save your time in sorting pre-printed badges a night before the event. With on-site badge printing, you can print badges as attendees walk into your event, reduce spelling errors and litter as well as save money.

Create Beautiful Dashboard

Create dashboards to easily view check-ins in real-time. You can also see reports of the number of tickets or event items sold and export the data in CSV format. These dashboards are a great way to keep your event stakeholders happy and give them a bird’s eye view of the event performance!


Cut down manual efforts by deploying lesser staff at the registration desk. Onsite check-in app is your superpower that lets you check-in attendees quickly without carrying bulky devices such as laptops, printers and stationery.  It is the tool you need while planning various events like corporate or business meetings, conventions, conferences, congresses, trade shows, and incentive meetings. With Eventdex event check-in app by your side, you can not only check participants into the event but also cut costs, save money and enhance attendee experience.

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